Video Channel

Sample videos from virtual environments we create are posted here regularly. These videos can be viewed and interacted with in a variety of ways. For example, they can be viewed in 3D on any smart TV using active or passive 3D glasses or immersively in the Oculus Rift or other HMD. Navigation can take place by using a normal keyboard, a gamepad or joystick, as well as other devices available (e.g., Razer Hydra Controller). Alternatively, optical or magnetic tracking can be used to implement natural movement in the environment (i.e., actual walking within a 1:1 scaled model) when an HMD is used.  

Trailer showing the basic steps of creating a model from CAD plans. Modelling: Alexandros Andreou. Click on HD to watch in better quality on Vimeo.


Model of a house that can be experienced stereoscopically on any active or passive 3D television or immersively in an HMD. Modelling: Alex Andreou Video: Savvas Avraam. Change settings to HD for somewhat better quality.

Materials and textures in the environments can be changed by the user on-the-fly using custom-built menus. In the video above, the user can browse a database of floor materials or wallpapers and select the ones to view while navigating the environment. Modelling and video: Savvas Avraam. Change settings to HD for somewhat better quality.