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Silversky was founded in April 2014 as a spin out from the Experimental Psychology Lab of the University of Cyprus. The seed for the company was planted by two successful research grants from the European Research Council (ERC - Proof of Concept) awarded to Prof. Marios Avraamides but the company was formally established by scientists from his group, after funding from the Young Entrepreneurship program of the Ministry of Labor and Commerce of Cyprus. Initially, Silversky focused on undertaking commercial projects in the construction and interior design sectors only. Although this is something we still do with great success, we have since then expanded our activities to pretty much any field that can benefit from Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) applications.

Beyond 3D modelers and programmers, our team includes accomplished scientists with a background in Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience. Thus, our own applications and many of our collaborative projects capitalize on this expertise and aim to build products that take rely on what we know about human cognition and its abnormalities. In addition to several renowned international clients for which we design products on demand, we maintain a wide array of research collaborations with scientists from various universities and research institutions. Indicative of our dedication to research and development is that our research funding for 2018 and 2019 alone exceeded 1 million euros.