Here is a small sample of our work. As most of our large international projects are bound by confidentiality agreements, we are prevented from showing them here.

RISE BUilding

RISE stands for the Research Centre on Interactive media, Smart systems, and Emergent technologies, a large centre established in Nicosia (click here for more info). Working closely with architects and designers from the Nicosia Municipality, we have created several versions of the proposed RISE site as fully-navigable models. Users can physical walk or teleport in the virtual building using a Head-Mounted-Display and interact with it (e.g., change lighting and materials on the floor and walls) using handheld controllers.  

House in Nicosia

This is a fully navigable virtual model of a house in Nicosia created at scale from AutoCAD plans. Users can view the model in a Head-Mounted-Display, navigating the whole interior and the yard around the house. They can interact with the model using custom-built menus that allow changing paint colors and materials on surfaces (walls and floors), varying the time of the day, and selecting among various furniture configurations in real time. Materials from local vendors (e.g., specific models of parquet floors and wallpapers) were added at the request of the owners to allow previewing in an 1:1 scale environment. 

Another house in Nicosia

This is a virtual model of another house created for a client starting from architectural plans. The model is fully navigable and its purpose was to evaluate the size of the spaces and make appropriate decisions (e.g., where to place the pool, how to organize the kitchen). As such, it contains less visual detail on the exterior view as per request from the client. 



An interactive application based on a fictitious clothing store developed for the Vizard VR software, in collaboration with Worldviz Inc. Users interact with talking virtual characters based on an an established scenario. Full position tracking is supported for Worldviz PPT professional tracking systems.



Developed by us for us! Works in both Unity and Vizard and allows users to modify materials and textures (e.g., switch across different types of floors, wallpapers etc) on the fly using our custom-designed menu, optimized for the Razer Hydra controller.


Virtual replica of a deserted house in the buffer zone of Nicosia. Designed based on the architectural plans and digital photos of the actual house, the model was developed for a grant application led by scientists at the University of Cyprus.


Part of a commercial product we are currently working on. We can't reveal much about it at this point as both development and clinical validation are under way. All we can say is that users can present their own slides in virtual scenes that are populated by interactive virtual characters.