We create navigable models of existing places using specialized 3D scanning equipment. These models can be embedded on any site for web viewing, can be viewed on mobile devices, or experienced immersively in Samsung Gear VR headsets.


Click on "play" below to see an example model of an apartment in Nicosia. On a computer you can use the arrow keys to navigate and the mouse to pan the viewpoint around (alternatively, you can use the scroll wheel of the mouse to move or simply click a new standpoint). Once the model loads, you can click the square at the bottom right to enable full-screen view. 

What are they for?

Navigable models are ideal for property sale or rental, advertizing of products (e.g., furniture and household items), and showcasing professional work (e.g.,  before vs. after comparisons in interior design, architectural design, kitchen design etc.)   

What is the cost?

Although the cost of developing a navigable model of an existing property depends on the size of the property, the fairly automated processing of scans enables fast delivery and low pricing. Typically, models are available for use the same day in which the scanning takes place. Contact us for a quote and you will be amazed by how affordable our services are! 


Here's another example of a model we created for our partners Digital Tree. The model includes only about 40 station points and was completed in about 1 hour. Once the model loads you can click on the play button (look for it at the bottom left part of the screen) to watch a predetermined tour. Otherwise, use the keyboard and mouse to navigate as you wish.