A virtual glimpse at historic Cyprus

This page is a temporary depository for a social responsibility project aiming to raise awareness about historical and cultural sites across Cyprus. Our aim is to raise awareness about some of the beautiful structures that are located in Cyprus and encourage people to visit them. Indirectly, we are aiming to promote contact among Greek- and Turkish-Cypriots. Research from the social sciences documents that where ethnic, sectarian, or other inter-group type of conflict is present, contact between the members of the involved groups, leads to more positive out-group attitudes and increased trust.  The problem is, however, that in most places where such conflicts exist, the opportunities for contact are minimal and segregation, either imposed or self-selected, is instead the norm. Although a number of remarkable initiatives in Cyprus have been successful in promoting contact across the two communities, most young Cypriots have limited cultural understanding and knowledge about the people on the other side. This makes them even less likely to seek contact. Our approach relies on motivating the interest of people about sites of historical and cultural significance all over Cyprus, hoping to encourage them to visit the actual sites and achieve some contact with the other community. We have so far modeled two sites that you can view below. 

Tandi's Bath

Tandi's Bath is an Ottoman hamam in Nicosia built in the early 1900s. The site of the hamam currently lies in ruins and is in need of urgent restoration. We have created the navigable model of the site to help a group of volunteers, led by Oya Kutsal, raise awareness about this true gem of cultural heritage and voice the need for restoring it to its original condition.

The Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios Mansion

The Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios Mansion, is a restored two-story house built in 1793 and is considered the most important example of urban architecture from the period of Ottoman rule. It is situated in near the Omerye Hamam in south Nicosia. We thank the Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage for securing for us the necessary permits to scan the mansion.